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Accent Interview Podcasts

To listen to past interviews that aired on this station please choose from the list below.


Steve Saint Interview Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part interview of Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Steve discusses his ongoing commitment to missions and an accident he suffered while testing a flying car.


Steve Saint Interview Part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part interview of Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Steve discusses his ongoing commitment to missions and an accident he suffered while testing a flying car.


Rob Paul

Public Works representative Rob Paul discusses sanitation issues affecting our city.



Andrew Palau

Andrew Palau of Luis Palau Association shares his testimony and discusses the evangelistic work being carried out by LPA based in Portland, Oregon.



Kari Piper

Kary Piper, nurse and diabetes coordinator from Mercy Medical Center, discusses the serious issue of diabetes in America.


Lynn Ferder

Lynn Ferder discusses the valuable ministry of the House of Prayer


Ray Shawfler

Fire Chief Ray Shawlfer discuss safe driving when emergency vehicles are present.


Stacy Womack

Stacy Womack of ARMS shares with us about the important work they are doing in the area of domestic violence.


Voice of the Martyrs

Carl and Rochelle Peterson discuss how their organization brings relief to those who are being persecuted for Christ.



Michael Card

Singer, songwriter, author, and tour guide to Israel, Michael Card shares with us some of the latest goings ons with his career and his family.


Community Cancer Center of Roseburg

Angelia Freeman, outreach program manager with the Community Cancer Center updates us on smoking cessation programs and anti-tobacco education for our youth.


Douglas County 4H

Laurie Michaels, 4H Program Assistant for the Douglas County OSU Extention Service, discusses all of the exciting clubs, camps, and programs available through our local 4H organization.


Douglas County YMCA                                                                 

Steven Stanfield Healthy Living and Aqautic Director at the YMCA will be discussing some great ideas on how to keep New Years resolutions and the free cancer patient programs


Harlem Globetrotters Zeus McClurkin

Zeus McClurkin shares his testimony of Christian faith and how God blessed him with talent to set a new basketball world record.


Wilderness Trails

Jessie Lenford, Girls Program Director tells us about all the new exciting programs offered by Wilderness Trails


Christian Motorcycle Association

Larry Towns, president and Chuck Stuermer, vice president of the local Christian Motorcycle Association share with us about their outreach to bikers across the country.


Pine Grove Israel/Jordan Trip 2017

Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church & KGRV's Growing Together broadcast shares with us all about Pine Grove's recent trip to the Holy Land.


Kellogg Springs Camp

Bill McClendon, director of Kellogg Springs Camp shares his testimony and tells about the great things that God is doing at Kellogg Springs.


Trevor Schissler about Pacific Crest Trail Hike

Listen as this Christian young man shares details about his 4 month experiences of hiking the 2,700 mile trail in the summer of 2017.


Douglas County Search & Rescue 

Jerry Applegarth, volunteer coordinator along with Alisa Suffridge, volunteer invite listeners to join their team in this vital program to assist the Sheriff's office in finding missings persons. 


Brad Mattes Director of Life Issues Institute

Brad highlights current pro-life issues here in Oregon and abroad.


Dean & Linda Soper Managers at Little River Christian Camp

Dean and Linda tell us about Little River Christian Camp.


Ravi Kumar Founder and President of Real Hope Ministries

Ravi tells his testimony and explains what Real Hope Ministries is.


Linda Cornett, Past President of Roseburg Senior Center

Linda updates us on new developments and the activities and services available at the Roseburg Senior Center.



Mike Nores, Executive Director of Douglas C.A.R.E.S.

Mike Gives a brief history of Douglas C.A.R.E.S. and informs us about it's purpose in our community.


Bruce Ellis, Committee Chairman Child Evangelism Fellowship

Bruce explains the mission and impact of Umpqua Child evangelism Fellowship in our community.


Trina Wheeldon, Operations Director for Saving Grace

Trina gives some informatin about Saving Grace animal shelter and highlights what it means to be a no kill shelter.


Erin Smalley, Focus on the Family

Listen as Erin, the Strategic Marriage Spokesperson for Focus on the Family, tells us about her book "10 Things a Husband Needs from His Wife".


Sgt. Dennis Chrisenbery, Roseburg Police Department

Sgt. Chrisenbery tells us about how the "Citizens Police Academy" can help our community become more informed about our local police and sherrif departments.


Evan Leonetti, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Evan tells us about what he does as a Salmon/Trout enhancement biologist for ODWF and how the public can become involved.


Mauro Cettina, Celebrate Recovery

Mauro tells us about the Celebrate Recovery Ministry that he leads at Redeemers Fellowship.


Jaco Coetzee, Youth For Christ Director of City Life

Jaco tells us about how City Life ministry helps our community's at risk youth and how you can use interests and skills that you already have to become involved.


Charles Morris, President of Haven Ministries

Listen as Charles tells us about the mission of Haven Ministries.


Chuck Bentley, Crown Financial

Listen as Chuck Bentley tells us about the ministry, Crown Financial, and gives us some expert financial advice.


Tauna Meyer, social media manager for OCEANetwork

Tauna tells us about how Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network can help homeschool families use home education as a tool to disciple thier children.


Dr. John Thorington with Focus on the Family

Listen as Dr. Thorington talks about how to keep our kids free from addiction, perticularly addiction to pornography. He talks about warning signs and actions the parent can take for prevention.


Ian Boltman, Brinkman Adventures

Listen as Ian Boltman, producer of The Brinkman Adventures, as he tells the listeners about how the popular radio show started and how it can impact young people.


Carol Sherwood, Director of Parent Life

Listen as Carol tells us about how Parent Life, a ministry of Youth for Christ, helps teen parents care for their children. She also talks about an upcoming opportunity to support Youth for Christ.


Bob Bell, Winston Reading Library

Bob Bell, a former member of the Douglas County Library Foundation, tells us about what is happening at the volunteer operated libraries in Douglas County.


Family to Family class offered by National Alliance for Mental Illness

Listen as Family to Family course instructor, Lois Lotspeich, tells us about how the course can help caregivers and family members of those with mental illness.


Umpqua Child Evangelism Fellowship

Listen as Delene Gehrke, Director for Umpqua CEF, talks about the organizations mission and upcoming events.  


Roger Bigham

Listen as Roger Bigham, a retired police officer, relates his story about Gods grace to him during a prolonged time of suffering.


Roger Bigham Part 2

Listen as Roger tells the second part of his incredible story.


Boys and Girls Club of Roseburg

Brian Lake and Kendra Wilson of the Boys and girls club share the organizations vision and available services.


Pat Roy with Creation Quest

Listen as Pat shares with us some statistics on what high school and college age people believe about evolution and what we can do to protect them from this teaching.


Chris Boice, Douglas County Commissioner

Chris Boice brings us up to date on some of the issues currently facing Douglas County.


Angelia Freeman and Jeanie Wright, Cancer Awareness and the Living Well Program

Angelia and Jeanie talk to us about the importance of cancer awareness and the Living Well program and how to become involved!


Kris Wiley, Roseburg Public Library Director

listen as Kris Wiley shares the story of the events that led up to the reestablishment of our public library.


Bruce Ellis, Umpqua CEF Chairman

Listen as Bruce talks about some of the exciting upcoming events that Umpqua Child Evangelism Fellowship has planned for the new year.


Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial 

Chuck Bentley talks about the importance of taking responsibility for our finances and the biblical foundation for the importance of giving. 


Evie Kumar with Real Hope Ministries

Evie shares the vision of Real Hope Ministries to reach the poor tribal peoples of South India and support the local missionaries.


Umpqua Fishermans Association

Michael Brochu tells us about how the Umpqua Fisherman Association enhances fishing in our streams, rivers and lakes for today and future generations.


Ray Hacke, Staff Attorney with Pacific Justice Institute

Ray shares with listeners about the free legal council that is available for us if we ever need to defend our christian rights in court.


Roseburg Rescue Mission

Director Lynn Antis tells us about an opportunity to serve at the Samaritan Inn Woman's and Children Shelter in Roseburg


Umpqua Valley Youth for Christ

Dane Tornell shares about their fundraiser breakfast May 4th at Applebees in Roseburg and a Mentor Training Night May 5th.


Robert Miller Excutive Director of FARA

Interview with Robert Director of Family, Faith and Relationships Advocate (FARA)


Pat Roy Creation Guys oppose Flat Earth theory!

Learn More about Pat's Creation-based ministry at


Patriot Kids Camp July 8-12 - Renee Clavell & Linda Hellenthal


Lone Tree Youth Ranch, Dixionville, Oregon

Glenn and Nola Lehman directors talk about Summer Chrstian Youth camping with horses! 


Every Child of Douglas County or ECHO 

Debbie Horton, Peggy Madison, Co-Directors of ECHO or Every Child have started a mission of providing hope and a future for children in crisis with foster care..


County Commissioner Chris Boice

Udpate on our counties newly passed budget and environmental issues.


Interview with Trainers from Wildlife Safari in studio

Tracy Moser trainer at the Wildlife Safari talking about up coming events at the Safari this summer.


Home Schooling Network

Michelle Hamlin and Amber Hahn talk about the importance of homeschooling our childeren.