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Accent Interview Podcasts

To listen to past interviews that aired on this station please choose from the list below.

This is the interview with Rosa Molsick, director of Safe Haven Maternity Home in Roseburg. Air date: January 30th, 2016. Rosa discusses the various ways this ministry assists young women in crisis pregnancy situations.


Steve Saint Interview Part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part interview of Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Steve discusses his ongoing commitment to missions and an accident he suffered while testing a flying car.


Steve Saint Interview Part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part interview of Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary Nate Saint. Steve discusses his ongoing commitment to missions and an accident he suffered while testing a flying car.


Carl & Rochelle Peterson

Area directors for the Voice of the Martyrs ministry. Listen as they draw attention to the persecuted Church of Jesus all around the world today.


Rob Paul

Public Works representative Rob Paul discusses sanitation issues affecting our city.



Andrew Palau

Andrew Palau of Luis Palau Association shares his testimony and discusses the evangelistic work being carried out by LPA based in Portland, Oregon.



Dr. Sanders

Dr. Sanders discusses hip replacement surgery as well as other health issues.


Kari Piper

Kary Piper, nurse and diabetes coordinator from Mercy Medical Center, discusses the serious issue of diabetes in America.


Tammy Hegadorn

Tammy Hegadorn of Community Cancer Center shares some valuable information with us regarding healing.


Lynn Ferder

Lynn Ferder discusses the valuable ministry of the House of Prayer


Dane Tornell

Douglas County Youth for Christ executive director Dane Tornell shares the latest exciting news about what they're up to.


Ray Shawfler

Fire Chief Ray Shawlfer discuss safe driving when emergency vehicles are present.


Stacy Womack

Stacy Womack of ARMS shares with us about the important work they are doing in the area of domestic violence.


Anthony Knotts

Junior Camp Director Anthony Knotts shares about the awesome ministry going on at Little River Christian Camp.


Debbie Hines

Independent living specialist Debbie Hines shares about the services provided by the Umpqua Valley Disabilities Network.


Gail Davis

Gail Davis, facilitator for Divorce Care share about support groups for those recovering from divorce or separation.


Delene Gherke

Dalene shares with us about the awesome ministry happening at Umpqua Valley Child Evangelism Fellowship.


St. Paul Lutheran School

Principal Kyle Crane and Sherry Who discuss the important ministry of St.Paul Lutheran School


Geneva Academy

Brian Turner, headmaster of Geneva Academy, discusses the importance of a quality Christian education for our youth.


Voice of the Martyrs

Carl and Rochelle Peterson discuss how their organization brings relief to those who are being persecuted for Christ.



Umpqua Valley Christian School

Administrator Adam Armstrong updates the audience on exciting new developments and expansion plans at this Christian school in Roseburg.


Michael Card

Singer, songwriter, author, and tour guide to Israel, Michael Card shares with us some of the latest goings ons with his career and his family.


Genesis Apologetics

Pat Roy, director of Genesis Apologetics discusses the great deception behind the famous "Lucy" fossil.


Community Cancer Center of Roseburg

Angelia Freeman, outreach program manager with the Community Cancer Center updates us on smoking cessation programs and anti-tobacco education for our youth.


Douglas County 4H

Laurie Michaels, 4H Program Assistant for the Douglas County OSU Extention Service, discusses all of the exciting clubs, camps, and programs available through our local 4H organization.


Douglas County YMCA                                                                 

Steven Stanfield Healthy Living and Aqautic Director at the YMCA will be discussing some great ideas on how to keep New Years resolutions and the free cancer patient programs


Harlem Globetrotters Zeus McClurkin

Zeus McClurkin shares his testimony of Christian faith and how God blessed him with talent to set a new basketball world record.


Wilderness Trails

Jessie Lenford, Girls Program Director tells us about all the new exciting programs offered by Wilderness Trails


Christian Motorcycle Association

Larry Towns, president and Chuck Stuermer, vice president of the local Christian Motorcycle Association share with us about their outreach to bikers across the country.


N'Lite Women's Clinic

Destiny Molatore, executive director of Hope Services updates us on the awesome work being done at Hope Services and N'Lite Women's Clinic.


Employment Department

Rob Patchel and Kale Donelly share with us about all of the employment services that are available to those looking for work.


Chris Boice

Douglas County Commisioner Chris Boice brings us up to date with various issues concerning our county.


Oregon Employment

Rob Patchell & Kale Donnely tell us about all the programs available to help job seekers find employment.


Pine Grove Israel/Jordan Trip 2017

Pastor Dennis Kreiss of Pine Grove Community Church & KGRV's Growing Together broadcast shares with us all about Pine Grove's recent trip to the Holy Land.


Umpqua Valley Child Evangelism Fellowship

Amanda Johnson of Umpqua Valley CEF tells us all about the awesome work they do for our Children here in Douglas County.


Kellogg Springs Camp

Bill McClendon, director of Kellogg Springs Camp shares his testimony and tells about the great things that God is doing at Kellogg Springs.


Boys & Girls Club

Brian Lake & Hanna Deacon tells us about all the exciting opportunities for children at the Boys and Girls Club.


Earth & History Museum

Pat Roy of the Earth and History Museum in San Diego dispells the myth of the "Flat Earth Theory" that has recently had a surge in popularity.


Trevor Schissler about Pacific Crest Trail Hike

Listen as this Christian young man shares details about his 4 month experiences of hiking the 2,700 mile trail in the summer of 2017.


Douglas County Search & Rescue 

Jerry Applegarth, volunteer coordinator along with Alisa Suffridge, volunteer invite listeners to join their team in this vital program to assist the Sheriff's office in finding missings persons. 


Brad Mattes Director of Life Issues Institute

Brad highlights current pro-life issues here in Oregon and abroad.


Lynn Antis Director of Roseburg Recue Mission

Lynn updates us on exciting new developments.


Dean & Linda Soper Managers at Little River Christian Camp

Dean and Linda tell us about Little River Christian Camp.


Ravi Kumar Founder and President of Real Hope Ministries

Ravi tells his testimony and explains what Real Hope Ministries is.


Linda Cornett, Past President of Roseburg Senior Center

Linda updates us on new developments and the activities and services available at the Roseburg Senior Center.